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Floor Maps & Collection Locations

Click on the level name to display maps for each floor that show collections, service desks, study spaces, group spaces and more. Click on the map image to expand it.

Marriott Library - Level 2

On this level

Marriott Library Level 3

On this level

  • Collection Services & Reserve 3200
  • Course Reserve 
  • Entrance / Exit
  • Family Reading Room 3400
    • Family Study Rooms: 3400C, 3400D
    • Lactation Room 3400A
  • George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Grand Reading Room (Silent Study Area)
  • Group Study Rooms: 3300A - D
  • Juvenile Collection
  • Security & Information
    • Checkout / Return
    • Cashier / Library Store
  • Student Living Room (Group Work Area)

Marriott Library Level 4

On this level

Special Collections


Knowledge Commons
Library Security and Information

Library Interactive Map

An interactive map designed to aid students and visitors in easily navigating throughout the library. 

Library Interactive Map

 Last Modified 6/20/19