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Subject Specialists and Teams

This is a list of the library employees responsible for providing research assistance, classes and curriculum support, library collection building, and other library or departmental support for each of our subject areas. In most cases, these responsibilities are handled by a librarian who specializes in the subject, though at times the responsibilities are assigned to teams of library employees who may or may not be librarians. For some subjects the Marriott Library does not have an in-house representative, and for these cases the contact information for the appropriate on-campus source is provided. If you are unsure who you should be speaking to or if a representative for a subject you are seeking assistance with is not listed, please contact Knowledge Commons staff at 801.581.6273 for help finding the person you need.

Subject (Degree, Major, or Format) Primary Advocate (Specialist or Team) Email Address
Accounting Business Team Email
American History Jessica Breiman Email
Anthropology Marie Paiva Email
Architecture Luke Leither Email
Art and Art History Luke Leither Email
Asian Studies Marie Paiva Email
Atmospheric Sciences Alfred Mowdood Email
Audio-Visual  Joni Clayton Email
Ballet Myron Patterson Email
Bioengineering Robin Reid Email
Biology Robin Reid Email
Business Business Team Email
Chemical and Fuels Engineering Michael Noe Email
Chemistry Daureen Nesdill Email
City and Metropolitan Planning Luke Leither Email
Civil and Environmental Engineering Daureen Nesdill Email
Classics Allyson Mower Email
Communication Dale Larsen Email
Communication Sciences and Disorders Lorelei Rutledge Email
Computing Brian McBride / Jacob Reed Email Brian / Email Jacob
Copyright  Allyson Mower Email
Curriculum Library Linda St. Clair Email
Documents and Maps Dave Morrison Email
Economics Marie Paiva Email
Education Psychology Linda St.Clair Email
Education, Culture and Society Linda St. Clair Email
Educational Leadership and Policy Linda St.Clair Email
Electrical and Computer Engineering Michael Noe Email
English Adriana Parker Email
Entrepreneurship & Strategy Business Team Email
Environmental Humanities Amy Brunvand Email
Environmental Studies Amy Brunvand Email
Ethnic Studies Jill Moriearty Email
Exercise and Sports Science Alfred Mowdood Email
Family and Consumer Studies Lorelei Rutledge Email
Film and Media Arts Greg Hatch Email
Finance Business Team Email
French Robert Behra Email
Gender Studies Adriana Parker Email
Geography Rebekah Cummings Email
Geology and Geophysics April Love Email
German Robert Behra Email
Health Promotion and Education Alfred Mowdood Email
Health Communications Lorelei Rutledge Email
Honors Donna Ziegenfuss Email
ICPSR Rebekah Cummings Email
Information Systems Business Team Email
International History Leonard Chiarelli Email
International Studies Robert Nelson Email
International Government Information Sandra Coon Email
Italian Robert Behra Email
Juvenile Collection Robert Behra Email
Languages and Literature Robert Behra Email
Latin American Studies Robert Behra Email
Law  James E. Faust Law Library, S.J. Quinney College of Law Email
Linguistics Robert Behra Email
Management Business Team Email
Maps Ken Rockwell Email
Marketing Business Team Email
Materials Science and Engineering Michael Noe Email
Mathematics Mark England Email
Mechanical Engineering April Love Email
Medicine  Eccles Health Sciences Library Email
Metallurgical Engineering Mark England Email
Middle East  Leonard Chiarelli Email
Military Science and Naval Sciences Jill Moriearty Email
Mining Engineering Mark England Email
Modern Dance Myron Patterson Email
Music Myron Patterson Email
Nursing Eccles Health Sciences Library Email
Nutrition  Lorelei Rutledge Email
Occupational Therapy  Eccles Health Sciences Library Email
Operations Management Business Team Email
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Alfred Mowdood Email
Patents and Trademarks Dave Morrison Email
Pharmacy  Eccles Health Sciences Library Email
Philosophy  Allyson Mower Email
Physical Therapy Eccles Health Sciences Library Email
Physics and Astronomy April Love Email
Political Science Dale Larsen Email
Psychology Marie Paiva Email
Rare Books / Book Arts Greg Thompson Email
Religious Studies Robert Nelson Email
Russian and Slavic Languages Robert Behra Email
Social Work Jill Moriearty Email
Sociology Jill Moriearty Email
Spanish Robert Behra Email
Special Collections Greg Thompson Email
Special Education Linda St.Clair Email
Studio Arts Luke Leither Email
Theatre Greg Hatch Email
U.S. Government Information Dave Morrison Email
Veterans Support Center Jill Moriearty Email
Writing & Rhetoric Studies Donna Ziegenfuss Email
Web / New Media Tracy Medley / Leah Martin Email Tracy / Email Leah
 Last Modified 5/24/16