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Education Services

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To be successful in academic, career, and lifelong learning activities, an individual must be able to recognize what type of information is needed. Once the need is identified, an individual must be able to locate, evaluate, use, and present information effectively. The Library Instruction Program exists to advance the information, technical, and visual literacy of students, faculty, and staff. As a result, graduates of this University will be able to integrate information literacy skills and technology fluency into their careers and transfer these skills into a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

These goals are achieved by:

  • Assessing the instruction needs of various audiences
  • Continuously improving instruction activities and resources
  • Adding new instruction programs as needs arise
  • Promoting an awareness of the benefits of information literacy and how the Marriott Library can assist in its achievement

Librarians are responsible for collaborating with faculty to teach these concepts:

  • How and why information is created, organized, and accessed
  • How to develop appropriate search strategies
  • How to create effective search queries
  • Evaluating what is found

We support University of Utah instructors by:

  • Providing course-integrated library instruction at all levels from first-year to graduate
  • Developing instructional resources in information research and management that satisfy the needs of learners with varying skills and learning styles
  • Promoting the University of Utah and the Marriott Library by providing outreach to primary and secondary education students and citizens of Utah



Education Services

Education Services Librarians

Donna Ziegenfuss

Linda St. Clair

Darby Fanning

Dale Larsen

Adriana Parker

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