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Reducing Textbook Costs

The Academic Senate Committee on Student Textbook Savings issued a Recommendations to Save on Student Textbook Costs report in May 2014 addressing high textbook costs. These webpages distill the committee report and provides immediate solutions. Professors and instructors are encouraged to utilize this information to help select affordable textbooks. They are also encouraged to include information from these webpages on their syllabi to help make students aware of affordable textbook options.

The top three ways faculty can alleviate high textbook costs for students include:

1. Use low-cost versions of existing materials.
Immediate savings on student textbook costs can be realized by promoting practices that allow students to use less expensive textbook options, such as used textbooks, rental textbooks, and library copies. Raising awareness of textbook costs and alternative options is critical, and requires support by the administration, libraries and faculty.

2. Adopt available open course materials.
Textbook costs can be lowered by promoting the use of free, open textbooks and other open educational resources (OER), instead of requiring students to purchase commercial textbooks. Administrative and library support is needed to assist faculty in the adoption of OER.

3. Consider copyright & Fair Use guidelines.
Become familiar with the new campus Copying/Fair Use policy to meet teaching needs and provide quality content at no cost to students.  

 Last Modified 8/13/14