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Podcast Booth A & B

Booths must be scheduled to use.

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Podcast Booth - What is it?

The Podcast Booths are a user-scheduled media production space located in Protospace, on Level 2 of the Marriott Library. Users are defined as current Students, Staff and Faculty at the University of Utah. It requires a valid Unid and password to record. Two Booths are available to record podcasts for classes or personal content. The Podcast Booths are available all hours the Marriott Library is open.

The Podcast Booth is a soundproofed space, with a Mac computer applying the audio recording software Audacity. Podcasters use a Snowball microphone and can export their audio files to a cloud-based storage system such as Ubox, Google Drive or Dropbox. They can also export audio to external hard drives, or record directly to a laptop.

An Audio Studio is also available in the Faculty Center on Level 1 of the Marriott Library. 

Podcast Booth Interior

Podcast Booth - How does it work?

Setup & Recording:

1.   Recordings must be scheduled on the Library Scheduling System

2.   If lights are off, turn them on via the switch on the floor lamp(s)

3.   Close door to Podcast Booth for soundproofing

4.   Turn/toggle computer monitor on. Login with Unid & password

5.   Double click Audacity digital recorder icon in upper right corner                    

6.   Position Snowball Mic on its swing arm to bring the microphone closer to your mouth

7.   Make sure both green ends on the USBs are connected or you will not have microphone input. Red dot on Snowball means it is connectd properly.

8.   Check Audacity template:   Microphone at full volume.   Blue Snowball microphone listed

Audacity recording template

9. Click red recording button on Audacity template. Waveform sound information will fill in the track in blue.

10. When finished with your discussion, remain quiet and record 10 seconds of room tone for noise reduction in post-production

11.   Press keyboard spacebar to stop recording


1.   Make sure the volume is turned up on the Mac (F11)

2.   Drop cursor point on waveform. Scrub backwards on the Audacity track to where you want to listen

3.   Press keyboard spacebar to play sample audio. Press again to stop.

Export your sound file:

1.   Audacity>File>Export>Export as MP3

2.   Options:

·         External USB hard drive. Place cable into USB 4-slot drive velcroed to table

·         DO NOT save to Desktop to retrieve later. Files are wiped within 24 hours

·         Cloud sites: Export file to Documents folder. Open a web browser and upload to sites such as Ubox, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

Exit procedures:

  • Logout of computer.
  • Turn off monitor speakers.
  • Leave door open to air-out the booth.

Podcast Kits

Do you want to record a podcast at another location? Check out a Podcast Kit from the Knowledge Commons Desk on Level 2.

Podcast help and mentorship

Immediate Help: Visit the Knowledge Commons Desk on Level 2

Email for input/troubleshooting the Podcast Booth. Available for consultations on podcasting, audio editing - simple and advantaged and provides mentorship as a music podcaster whose personal podcast has accrued 3 million minutes streamed.