Classroom Information

Classrooms and study rooms are intended to be used for educational purposes and the legitimate business of the University. Current University of Utah students, faculty, and staff have priority in the use of library resources, services, and facilities. Public visitors may use these classrooms and study rooms only as participants in University- or library-sponsored activities. 

Classrooms in the Marriott Library are scheduled by the Library Events & Scheduling team and by the Office of the Registrar – Academic & Event Scheduling.

  • Library-scheduled Lecture Classrooms: MLIB 1140, 1170, and 2008.
  • Library-scheduled Computer Classrooms: MLIB 1008 (MAC), 1009 (VR Classroom), 1110 (MAC), 1120 (MAC), and 1745 (MAC).
  • Single Event Classrooms Only: 1705A, 2008, 2130N (Hoopes Seminar Room), and 4390 (Dee Special Collections Classroom).
  • To make a semester long reservation, contact the Library Events & Scheduling Coordinator, or your Campus Department Scheduler. For a single event/one time reservation, please fill out the Classroom/Event Space Request Form
  • Depending on the intended use, there is a limit to how far in advance a reservation can be made, please view our complete Classroom and Study Room Policy.
  • Please notify us as soon as possible to any changes or cancellations so the space can be used by someone else. You can request changes in writing by emailing the Library Events & Scheduling Coordinator.


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