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Copy & Print

Student using copy machine

The easiest way to pay for prints or copies is with a UCard. You can add money to your UCard at a deposit machine (located in the Knowledge Commons or by Reserve) or at > My UCard Account. If you don't have a UCard, you can pay for prints with cash or a credit card at the Reserve desk.


You can print from any computer on Levels 1 and 2 of the Marriott Library or in the outer computer labs. 11"x17" printing is available in the Knowledge Commons. Unprinted jobs are deleted after two hours.

  • Black and white: With UCard, 8¢ per one-sided sheet, 14¢ per two-sided sheet. At Reserve, 8¢ per printed side.
  • Color: With UCard, 25¢ per one-sided sheet, 40¢ per two-sided sheet. At Reserve, 25¢ per printed side. Available in the Knowledge Commons and outer computer labs.

Wireless Printing

After following the instructions below, you can print by going to File > Print in any application and selecting the desired printer. Your print job will show up under the username on your computer rather than your uNID. An alternative to these instructions is to upload a PDF to print.

The Marriott Library ITS OS X Wireless Print Management Installer will automatically install Pharos Popup and add the desired print queues to your laptop.

If you prefer, you can install Pharos Popup separately and manually configure a print queue. When you are asked to enter a URL, use one of the addresses below:

  • MLib Lv2 Knowledge Commons (B&W): popup://
  • MLib Lv2 Knowledge Commons (Color): popup://
  • MLib Lv2 Knowledge Commons (11"x17" Color): popup://
  • MLib Lv1 Stacks (B&W): popup://
  • MLib Lv2 Stacks (B&W): popup://
  • MLib Lv3 Family Reading Room (B&W): popup://
  • Union Lab Downstairs (B&W): popup://
  • Union Lab Downstairs (Color): popup://
  • Benchmark Bldg. 820 (B&W): popup://
  • Benchmark Bldg. 820 (Color): popup://
  • Marriott Honors Community (B&W): popup://

Install the print queue you'd like to access using an installer below:

If you get the error "Failed to connect to host...", you may have to add the following lines to your "hosts" file, typically located in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc: Pharosprntserv1

This file can be edited using Notepad run as an administrator.

Poster Printing

The HP Designjet T2300, located at the Student Computing Services (SCS) desk on Level 2, prints on semigloss paper up to 42" wide. To print, bring your file to the SCS desk as a JPEG or TIFF on a flash drive. The image should be set to your desired resolution and dimensions, with at least one side that is less than or equal to 41.6", to account for .2" margins.

Pricing: For University of Utah students, staff, and faculty, $3 per square foot. For other patrons, $5 per square foot.

Important! Do not save as a JPEG or TIFF from PowerPoint, as the image quality will be poor.
  1. Go to File > Export (OS X) or Save As (Windows). Under File Format/Type, select PDF.
  2. Open the PDF in Adobe Photoshop and follow the instructions below to save it as a JPEG or TIFF.
  1. With the document open, go to Image > Image Size. Verify that the width, height, and resolution are correct. Click OK.
  2. Go to File > Save As. Under Format, select JPEG or TIFF. Choose a location and file name for your file and click Save. Click OK on the default save settings.


Self-service copiers are located on Levels 1 and 2 of the Marriott Library. If you don't have a UCard, two copiers by Reserve accept cash.

For large format copies or scans, bring the document to be scanned to the SCS desk. The T2300 can copy a document up to 36" wide at up to 600 dpi. There is no length limitation, but it must be a loose, unbound document. You can save a copied document to your flash drive as a TIFF, JPEG, or PDF file.

  • Black and white: With UCard, 8¢ per printed side. With cash, 10¢ per printed side
  • Large format: For students, staff, and faculty, $3 per square foot (or $3 for a scan only). For other patrons, $5 per square foot (or $5 for a scan only).
 Last Modified 4/12/16