Library Instruction

Discover all the ways librarians across campus can support your research, course outcomes, student success and more. Schedule a library session and cover the topics of your choice. We can cover the information literacy basics, or go in-depth with advanced research materials, resources and strategies to support your specific needs. We are here to help.

Overview of Library Instruction Service Options

Freshmen courses

hand writing in notbook

What we could explore together:

  • Library research basics
  • Information Literacy Criteria
  • The physical library and services (tours)
  • Search strategies and basics

Special Collections

shelf of old books

What we could explore together:

  • Finding and using primary sources
  • Introduction to archival research
  • Book history and printing introductions
  • Constructing/deconstructing historical arguments

Liaison role classes

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What we could explore together:

  • Subject specific research & databases
  • Student/group research consultations
  • Graduate Student orientation
  • Impact measurement & research

When you reach out to us with the following form, you'll be asked for the basic information about your course(s) and what types of instruction you would like us to provide. You may also request a specific instructor, suggest your own activities or request that we reach out to you to plan a custom class; Ready to connect with us?

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