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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1735, 1130, 1150, and 1160, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
12:50pm–2:50pmMegan Whittaker/Michael H...Design Studio I
1009 PC Classroom
10:40am–11:40amYvette MylettIntermediate Writing, WRTG 2010
11:50am–2:50pmHallie HuberEAE 3720-002
3:40pm–6:40pmHallie HuberEAE 3670-001
1120 MAC Classroom
8:30am–11:40amSimon BlundellFA 3400 - Digital Visual Effects & FA 340 - In...
4:30pm–6:00pmKelly OlsenCS 4530-002
6:00pm–7:20pmKelly Olsen/Matt StokerCS 4530-001
1140 Lecture Classroom
9:40am–12:40pmAdrienne CachelinENVST5557
1:00pm–2:30pmAdrienne CachelinSUST 6870
1170 Lecture Classroom
8:00am–9:30amKate Mattingly/Sean Carte...BALLE 4412
9:40am–12:40pmMayra G FochtARHC 6271 POLS 6960  Contemporary Theory:  Archit...
2:00pm–5:00pmCheryll A BrogART3640-002 Design Process
6:00pm–10:00pmCarol SogardART 4605 001
1701H Gould Auditorium
7:00am–5:00pmTerra RosslandPresident's office
1705A MAC Classroom
10:30am–1:30pmRichard GlaserUIT MAC Managers Meeting
1738D Study Room
10:00am–12:00pmNigraKinetics Study
1745 MAC Classroom
1:20pm–2:50pmMackenzie BuieCLCS 4900/GERM 4900/SPAN 4900, Coming to America: ...
3:30pm–4:30pmCherryl A BrogART2060-001
4:30pm–5:50pmCherryl A BrogART 2060-002
6:00pm–7:20pmCheryll A BrogART 2060 003
1750A Study Room
1:30pm–3:00pmBrisa ZavalaNahuatl 
1750B Study Room
8:40am–10:40amHalstromStudy Group
3:00pm–4:20pmSam RobertsHEDU study group
5:00pm–6:00pmJake SorensonArts Editorial meeting
8:10pm–9:50pmLiss DibbleLiss Dibble
1750C Study Room
8:40am–10:00amGaja JoshiSkype interview
1:10pm–3:10pmClaytonSTUDY PP
1750D Study Room
9:40am–10:50amJoshua Ulrichmath tutor
2008 Dumke Lecture Classroom
9:40am–1:40pmCheryll A BrogART4690-001 Graphic Design Portfolio
2:00pm–4:00pmAlexandra Harbold MurrayTHEA 3110-001
2101 Dumke Study Room
1:40pm–3:40pmBrenda SanchezKappa Delta Chi: Service Project 
5:00pm–6:00pmn/aCanticle Staff Meeting
2103 Study Room
10:30am–12:30pmHyesun KimKorea 1020
1:50pm–3:50pmHyesun KimKOREA 1020
5:10pm–5:50pmMadge SlackDaily Utah Chronicle Arts Desk
2105 Study Room
10:30am–12:00pmKuiweon ChoKorean 1020
2:10pm–4:00pmYolancee NguyenU of U Pre Med Conference Committee
4:40pm–6:40pmKevin castellATO committee meeting
2130N Hoopes Room
9:00am–12:00pmJake GarrettARCH POLITICS 
5:40pm–10:00pmASUU Tutoring
3000 East Entrance
10:00am–2:00pmKelsey FalvoLearning Abroad Outreach
4390 Dee Special Collections Classroom
1:30pm–5:30pmGretchen Henderson/Alison...EHUM6105/Environmental Humanities: Writing Seminar...
Level 1 Built In Display Cases
7:00am–10:00pmMarianna DiPaoloShoshoni-English Print & Video Books
Level 2 Built In Display Cases
7:00am–10:00pmMarianna DiPaoloShoshoni-English Print & Video Books
Wacom Intuos Pro Small Graphics Tablets Cart (24)
12:50pm–2:50pmMegan Whittaker/Michael H...Design Studio I


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