Advertising in the Marriott Library

Individuals affiliated with the University or sponsored by the University can request to advertise in the Marriott Library for the purpose of adveritising events to patrons, students or staff. An easel or a donation box will be provided and placed in the lobby at either the West or East Entrance of the library. Mounted posters and donation box signage must be provided by the requester.

There is no fee for advertising in the library; however, a link to the University Events Calendar must be provided to the Marriott Library before a reservation can be confirmed. A listing in Events Calendar is required to verify the request is for a University department event.

Advertising in the library is limited to five consecutive days, and one of the following:

  • Easel poster on Level 1
  • Easel poster on Level 3
  • A-frame sign on Level 1
  • A-frame sign on Level 3
  • Community donation box at East Entrance
  • Community donation box at West Entrance

Advertising Request Form