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USpace Institutional Repository


How to Cite Items From This Repository

I. Previously published papers — Publisher versions

Posted here with the publisher's permission or because the document is in the public domain

1. Cite the original publication—journal, volume, date, page numbers, doi, etc. There is no specific need to cite the USpace Institutional Repository, but of course we are happy to receive the recognition and a link. Doing so will direct readers to an open-access copy, whereas the publisher copy may be behind a subscription wall. Follow the suggested format in #2 below.

II. Previously published papers — Author versions

1. Cite the original publication—journal, volume, date, page numbers, doi, etc.

2. Add "accessed [date] from [URL]" (Note: the URL is given in the "reference url" link at the html cover page from which the article was downloaded; This link is also shown on the opening cover page within the PDF document. Do not cite the URL that may appear in the browser address bar of the downloaded document, as this is not necessarily a persistent URL and contains "housekeeping info," extraneous and unsightly numbers, and "junk DNA", e.g.


Journal article

Gehl, RW. YouTube_as_archive: who will curate this digital wunderkammer?. Journal of Cultural Studies 2009; 12(1), 46-60. Accessed 2/02/2011 from,57682

III. Original materials not previously published elsewhere

1. Cite author, title, date, etc. The "publisher" is University of Utah.


Pagariya, R. P. & Regehr, J. Are your applications being miscompiled?. University of Utah, 2009 Accessed 2/03/2011 from,38444

Garrett, T. J. Gains in economic energy efficiency as the impetus for increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. University of Utah, 2007. Accessed 2/03/2011 from,12700

IV. Theses and Dissertations

Follow the usual style for your field or discipline. Adding a link or citation to the online version is optional, but would probably be appreciated by the author


Brown, K.D. Differential Benefits to Firms Participating in Multipartner Collaborative Innovation. PhD diss., David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah, 2010. Accessed 2/02/2011 from,8157

In general, follow the standard or usual style for your discipline or intended journal for punctuation, syntax, abbreviations, etc. If you need a "place" for the University of Utah it is officially Salt Lake City, Utah.
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