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Scholarship Services

Getting Funding, Conducting Research, and Managing Data

Finding Collaborators, Collaborative Workspace, and Tools

Publishing Your Work and Measuring Your Impact

Research Writing Tips 

  • Quick Writing Tips (created by Suzanne Fletcher, MD)
    • Imagine an editor's desk that's full of papers to read
    • Your paper should stress what's new
    • Write meaningful titles and abstracts
    • Know your research methods
    • Write clearly using short sentences
    • A good figure is worth 1,000 words
  • Marriott Library Classes & Workshops
  • University of Utah Writing Center

Assessing and Selecting a Journal

Keeping Your Copyrights

Determining Article Influence

Campus publishing services

Organizing and Preserving Your Work

Note: The statistics below represent a snapshot of the amount and kind of publications created at the University of Utah. It is by no means complete. The Scholarly Communication Team at the University Libraries hopes to make it more complete by creating and managing USpace, the university's institutional repository. You can help make the picture more complete by contributing both your published and unpublished works.

The statistics originated from the Scopus database. Scopus indexes approximately 18,000 journals in the fields of science, medicine, technology, mathematics, social science, business, law, social work, information science, humanities, art and fine arts. The database also indexes book reviews, conference proceedings, news items, and editorials. 

Scopus is accessible to University of Utah affiliates via the Research Databases. (If you are off-campus, follow the remote access instructions.)


Amount of Scholarship Created by Univ Utah Authors, 2005-2009

Univ of Utah articles 

Five Year Publication Trend by Subject Area

Subject Areas

Publishing Costs and Access lists the overall prices of journals as well as the price per article and citation.

Journal Prices by Discipline and Publisher Type

Comparing Cost and Access: A Sampling of Journals UU Authors Published in Most Frequently During 2008

cost access


Allyson Mower, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian

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