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Xcode Debugging

We do not allow step debugging in Xcode on any machines except classroom 1120. If you want to debug, please use printf() or NSLog() statements.

Starting on page 300 of the chapter Running and Debugging Perl, there is a section called "Debugging Techniques" that applies to every language. It describes why you would want to use non-step debugging techniques even if you could use step debugging. It is a good read and something every programmer should know and be able to do.

If you get a password prompt to debug, you can make it go away by following these steps:

  • In a workspace or project window, click on the project name in the popup next to the Stop bottom in the window on the top left.  Note, the pop up is divided into sections, so be sure to click on the left most section or else you wont see menus in the next step.
  • Select "Manage Schemes".
  • Select your scheme and press the "Edit" button at the bottom left of the window.
  • On the left hand list, select the "Run" phase, which should be the second phase.
  • Make sure the "Info" tab is selected.
  • Click the popup labeled "Debugger" and select "None".

There is also a video of the steps to turn off debugging.


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 Last Modified 8/24/16