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Suggested Viewing

Citizen King (THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE) – DV-Disc E 185.97 K5 C58 2004  /  2004  120 min.  b&w-color Languages: English  Subtitles: English
This American Experience program focuses on King's efforts to recast himself by embracing causes beyond the civil rights movement, by becoming a champion of the poor and an outspoken opponent of the war in Vietnam. Tapping into a rich archive of photographs and film footage and using diaries, letters, and eyewitness accounts of fellow activists, friends, journalists, political leaders and law enforcement officials, this film brings fresh insights to King's impossible journey, his charismatic leadership and his truly remarkable impact.

Stream: Color Adjustment   /  1991  88 min.  b&w-color
From Amos 'n Andy to The Cosby Show, this program traces over forty years of race relations in America through the lens of prime time entertainment.

A Day to Remember: August 28, 1963 -- V-Cass E 185.61 D39 1989  /  1978  30 min.  color
Over 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for the 1963 civil rights demonstration in Washington, DC, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It was here that Dr. King delivered his famous I Have a Dream speech, included in this video along with the views of three men who were principal participants in the march: Moe Tandler, and attorney for the Congress of Racial Equality in 1963; Rep. Walter Fauntroy (D-Washington, DC), an organizer of the march; and John Lewis, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

For Us the Living: The Story of Medgar Evers -- V-Cass PN 1997 F56 1988  /  1984  84 min.  color
In 1958, a civil rights leader emerged in Mississippi who changed the course of black history.  His amazing courage, his lifelong struggle for equal rights and his painfully tragic downfall are recounted here.

Frederick Douglass: An American Life ‑‑ V‑Cass E 449 D75 F73 1985  /  1986  30 min.  color
Using excerpts from his speeches, letters, and books, this production dramatizes events that contributed to his formation as an abolitionist, journalist, statesman, and orator.

Freedom Riders (AMERICAN EXPERIENCE) – DV-Disc E 185.61 F74 2009  /  2011  120 min.  color-b&w  Languages: English  Subtitles: English
This inspirational documentary is about a band of courageous civil-rights activists calling themselves the Freedom Riders. Gaining impressive access to influential figures on both sides of the issue, it chronicles a chapter of American history that stands as an astonishing testament to the accomplishment of youth and what can result from the incredible combination of personal conviction and the courage to organize against all odds.

Freedom Writers – DV-Disc PN 1995.9 M45 F744366 2007  /  2007  122 min.  color  Languages: English  Subtitles: English, Spanish
A true story about a teacher in a racially divided school who gives her students what they've always needed, a voice. Erin Gruwell comes to a southern California high school bubbling over with naive optimism. She quickly discovers that her unruly classroom is not easily won over by her good intentions. After a few floundering attempts to connect with her students, Gruwell gives them the assignment of keeping journals about their own lives, This assignment is something that the class can bite into with relish. This eventually bonds them together and pushes racial rivalries aside. Draws heavily from the published journals of the real students themselves.

Stream: In Remembrance of Martin  /  1988  60 min.  color
Personal comments from family members, closest friends, former classmates and advisors are chronicled in this remarkable documentary honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  To memorialize the life and work of Dr. King, Coretta Scott King is joined by distinguished public figures including Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond, former President Jimmy Carger, Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Jesse Jackson, Senator Edward Kennedy, John Lewis, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Andrew Young.

Stream: Martin Luther King Jr. Delivered His "I Have a Dream" Speech  /  1963  17 min.  b&w
On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The address, which came at the end of the March on Washington, was attended by more than 200,000 people.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: From Montgomery to Memphis – DV-Disc E 185.97 K5 F75 1969  /  1969  27 min.  b&w  Languages: English
Newsreel of actual recordings of U.S. segregation challenges from 1955 with Rosa Parks and the city bus boycott in Montgomery to Memphis. The young Dr. M.L. King is introduced and followed through this time to his national prominence. Themes covered include poverty, equality, and passive resistance. Closes with his last speech, the assassination, and the funeral procession.

The Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. -- V-Cass E 185.97 K5 M36 1989  /  1989  60 min.  b&w
Follow King's electrifying speeches from the early days as a young pastor in Montgomery, to the great march on Washington, including the final prophetic speech in Memphis just days before his tragic assassination.

Utah’s African-American Voices — V-Cass F 835 N4 U826 1999 / 1999 56 min.  color
This program captures the African-American experience in Utah through interviews with historians, educators, community leaders, and the personal stories of both longtime residents and those new to the area.

Utah's Black Legacy -- V-Cass F 835 N4 U83 1987  /  1987  60 min.  color
Provides an insight into the black culture of Utah, its history, its contributions to the ethnic fabric of Utah's communities and its challenges and aspirations for the future.


Alexander Technique – V-Cass RA 781.5 L43 1998  /  1998  50 min.  color
Introduction to the technique, origin of this therapy, benefits of learning and practicing it; includes case examples and demonstrations.

Stream: Badminton  /  2012  26 min.  color
This program explains how to play badminton, including the use of the carbon fiber racket and other equipment, the clothing worn by players, the field of play, and basic terminology. Viewers learn that players can now score a point whenever they win a rally, as well as the difference between rules for singles and for doubles, and other international federation rules.

Bellydance Fitness for Beginners – V-Cass GV 1798.5 B43 1999 v.1-4  /  1999  30 min. ea.  color (1. Arms & Abs  2. Basic Moves  3. Fat Burning  4. Hips, Buns & Thighs)
Bellydance techniques to promote physical fitness.

Competitive Core Training – DV-Disc GV 711.5 C64 2007  /  2007  150 min.  color  Languages: English
Competitive core training provides the exercises and workouts that will help athletes of all ages, abilities, and sports develop a strong, flexible core that is essential to athletic performance and success.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga – DV-Disc RA 781.7 N3 2009  /  2009  135 min.  color  Languages: English
All the workout you need to totally reshape your body.

New York City Ballet Workout – DV-Disc GV 505 N49 2006 no.1&2  /  2001-2003  210 min.  color  Languages: English
Demonstrates abdominal and lower body exercises and stretches developed by Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet company and finishes with a short ballet routine that doubles as a cardiovascular workout.
Nordic Ski Walking – DV-Disc GV 502 N67 2006  /  2006  70 min.  color  Languages: English
This program offers a gentle introduction into Nordic ski walking, one of the fastest growing low-impact outdoor activities today.

Pilates – DV-Disc RA 781 B626 2001  /  2001  177 min.  color  Languages: English  (CONTENTS: Body Control, Weekly Workout)
Body control: An overview on breathing and posture techniques before starting you workout, a daily program of fundamental movements and working the whole body. Plus a complete workout of advanced techniques. Weekly workout: Targets the deep postural muscles, builds strength from the inside out and re-balances your body.

Stream: Pilates Essentials  /  2007  76 min.  color
Certified Pilates Instructor Lindsey Jackson has a unique teaching style that makes Pilates accessible, easy to follow, and entertaining, while bringing all the known benefits of a strong core, abdominal and back strength, and a calmness of mind. This workout includes a warm-up to prepare your body, a workout for all at multi levels, and a calming relaxation. Lindsey teaches a mixed gender class, illustrating three levels to suit different abilities. Her knowledge of health, fitness, yoga, and Pilates fuses effectively, producing this holistic regimen for beginners and improvers.

Resistance Training Instruction – DV-Disc GV 546 R47 2007 no.1-3  /  2007  55 min.  color  Languages: English  (1. Upper Body  2. Trunk  3. Lower Body)
Walks trainers through the steps of instructing clients during resistance training. The videos demonstrate the proper techniques for the participant and proper instructional methods for the fitness professional.

Water Fun – DV-Disc GV 838.53 E94 L44 2007  /  2007  50 min.  color  Languages: English
The activities from the book Water Fun come to life in the Water Fun DVD. These aquatic activities are ideal for participants of all ages and skill levels because they're easy on the joints, they don't cause heat stress, and - most important - they're fun! The majority of the 57 activities included on the DVD occur in shallow water and require little, if any, swimming skill.

Wu Ji Gong: The Infinite Beginning – DV-Disc RM 727 W8 W8 2008  /  2008  60 min.  color  Languages: English
Master Cheng Bingsong presents Wu Ji Gong exercise routines, a foundation for many popular Tai Chi Chuan exercise forms which have been performed in China for nearly a thousand years and are based on southern Taoist traditions.

Zumba – DV-Disc RA 785.15 Z86 2004 v.1-4  /  2004  170 min.  color  Languages: English, Spanish (1. Beginners  2. Advanced  3. Power  4. Abs, Buns and Thighs)
Latin workout routine.


Alaap – DV-Disc PN 1997 A32158 2005  /  1977  134 min.  color Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Alaap is a story of Aloke Prasad, a highly sensitive boy, deeply involved in the study of music. It is about his life that takes him through trials and tribulations as he rejects the system and de-classes himself. It is a story of a conflict between two generations. But above all Alaap is the story of music

Aradhana – DV-Disc PN 1993.5 I8 A73 2005  /  1969  159 min.  color Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Arun, an air force officer, secretly marries Vandana who bears him a son. After Arun dies in an air crash, Vandana is rejected by Arun's family. She decides to let her son be adopted by a childess couple while making sure she is responsible for raising the child by becoming his nanny. She devotes the rest of her life raising her son to become an air force pilot like his father.

Baazi – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 B319 2008  /  1951  261 min.  b&w  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
A poor man takes to gambling and opens a gambling den to earn money to care for his sick sister, meanwhile falling in love with the young female doctor who is taking care of the girl, to his downfall.

Chandni Bar – DV-Disc PN 1993.5 I8 C485 2001  /  2001  150 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Story of Chandni Bar, a sleazy beer bar, where a woman is persuaded into taking up bar dancing.

Stream: Cinema Asia: India  /  2007  51 min.  color
This program surveys the world of Bollywood filmmaking, examining the personalities as well as the commercial and thematic concerns that drive central Asia’s answer to Tinseltown. Interviews with directors Karan Johar, Ashutosh Gowariker, and Yash Chopra are included, along with commentary from choreographers, musical directors, and Cinemaya Magazine editor Aruna Vasudev. The industry’s newfound attention to poverty, homelessness, and other social concerns is examined. Several film excerpts are included.

Deewaar – DV-Disc PN 1995.9 W3 D44 2005  /  1975  160 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Two brothers, one a cop and the other a criminal, share a mutual adoration for their mother. Though they care for each other, they end up at odds due to their respective roles.

Devdas – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 D3945 2003  /  2002  3 hrs. 4 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Devdas shared a magnetic childhood with his lovely playmate, Paro. They had a special relationship, which evolves into love, but was still unspoken. Devdas is sent away for studies by his parents and subsequent events lead to Paro being married to someone else. A shattered Devdas turns to alcohol and the devotion of a beautiful courtesan, Chandramukhi.

Dil Pe Mat le Yaar!! – DV-Disc PN 1997 D55 2001  /  2000  150 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Looks at the various layers of the city of Mumbai as seen through the eyes of a garage mechanic who comes from a small town.

Ghulam – DV-Disc PN 1997 G85 2000  /  1998  155 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Sidharth, orphaned in early boyhood, grows up to be wayward, irresponsible, and often in trouble with the law. But the local bully Raunak Singh who terrorizes one and all in their neighborhood provokes Sidharth's sense of fair play, and he comes to the defense of those who cannot fight back.

Hare Rama Hare Krishna – DV-Disc PN 1997 H388 2004  /  1971  135 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
A brother and sister are separated in childhood. The brother goes on to become an airline pilot and the sister, who ran away from home, has turned to drugs. When they are reunited, she refuses to acknowledge him because she thought he was dead. He tries to save her from her addiction, however, she commits suicide.

Stream: Larger Than Life: India’s Bollywood Film Culture  /  2004  57 min.  color
This program travels extensively through the colorful landscape of Indian cinema, providing insightful contrasts and comparisons to the film industry most Westerners know. Interviews with Shah Rukh Khan, India’s rugged action hero, and Manisha Koirala, a top female star, examine the unusual pressures of Indian film acting. Sensuality without sex, the brevity of female stardom, and the premium placed on fantasy and escape are some of the issues discussed. For an exploration of “the other Hollywood”—vastly different from, yet surprisingly similar to, America’s

Mr. India – DV-Disc PN 1997 M764 2003  /  1987  173 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Mogambo hopes to be the emperor of India and is behind the riots and general mahem which is plaguing the country. Arun Veghem, who runs an orphanage, finds his father's secret formula for making himself invisible. Disguised as the invisible superhero "Mr. India", Arun takes on Mogambo. He is assisted in this adventure by Seema, the crime reporter, who is in love with him.

Pinjar – DV-Disc PN 1997 P5642 2003  /  2003  188 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
A Hindu woman living in India is kidnapped and taken to Pakistan. Her sister-in-law sets out to recover her.

Reshma Aur Shera – DV-Disc PN 1997 R472 2000  /  1971  140 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
It retells the Rajasthani legend about the love of Reshma and Shera amid violent feudal conflict between their clans.

Teesri Kasam – DV-Disc PN 1997 T3847 2006  /  1966  138 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
Hiraman, a simple bullock-cart driver, grows attached to Hirabai, a nautanki performer to whom he is giving a ride, but ultimately realizes she can never be his.

Yuva – DV-Disc PN 1997.2 Y883 2004  /  2004  180 min.  color  Languages: Hindi  Subtitles: English
The paths of three young men from three stratas of society cross over the Hoogly Bridge on a Thursday morning, changing each of their lives irreversibly.




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