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Suggested Viewing

Recommended viewing for the season at hand.

 Celebrating the Day of the Dead – V-Cass GT 4995 A3 A33 1992  /  20 min.  color
Presents Mexican customs relating to the care and remembrance of the dead. Discusses the imposition of Spanish Catholicism on traditional Indian beliefs and the purpose in celebrating the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead (Subtitled) – V-Cass GT 4995 A4 D39 1999  /  Spanish  1999  50 min.  color
Presents the annual commemoration of the Day of the Dead as it is celebrated on the island of La Picanda.

Day of the Dead: Janitzio – V-Cass GT 4995 A4 D395 1998 / 21 min.  color
Describes the festival as celebrated on the island of Janitzio, including the rituals, preparation of food, dancing and vigils which mark the day.

Stream: Fiesta (Suenos: World Spanish)  /  14 min.
The Day of the Dead is Mexico's most important fiesta. In the city of Patzcuaro, Mexico, local residents await and discuss the festival with great anticipation. This program highlights their activities leading up to, during, and following Día de los Muertos

La Ofrenda (Days of the Dead) – DV-Disc GT 4995 A4 O338 2001  /  2001  50 min.  color  Languages: English
Presents a non-traditional look at the ceremonies and rituals observed in Mexican culture, both in Mexico and California, to celebrate the Days of the Dead (November 1 and 2)


Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq – DV-Disc DS 79.76 A3924 2007  /  2007  57 min.  color  Languages: English  Subtitles: English
A new generation of veterans is returning from Iraq. For the first time in American history, 90% of the wounded survive their injuries. But a greater percentage of these men and women are coming home from Iraq with amputations, traumatic brain injuries, and severe post-traumatic stress. For the survivors, two days will forever memorialize their lives: their birthday, and their Alive Day--the day they narrowly escaped death. James Gandolfini sits down with a handful of wounded vets who share their heartbreaking experiences in a way that brings the war closer to home for the rest of us. These ten soldiers talk about their memories, their feelings on their future, and more.

The Best Years of Our Lives – DV-Disc PN 1997 B47 2000  /  1946  168 min.  b&w  Languages: English, Spanish  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
This film recounts the problems faced by three returning veterans after WWII as they attempt to pick up the threads of their lives.

Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite – DV-Disc DS 557.7 V5687 2003 v.1-3  /  2003  210-270 min. ea.  color-b&w  Languages: English (1. The Seeds of Conflict – America Takes Charge – Courage Under Fire – The World of Charlie Company – Combat Veteran Interviews  / 270 mim. 2. The Elusive Enemy – The Tet Offensive – Dateline Saigon – Fire From the Sky – Combat Veteran Interviews / 270 min.  3. America Pulls Back – The End of the Road – Legacies – Combat Veteran Interviews  /  210 min.)
Complete history of the Vietnam War, as chronicled by CBS News correspondents, from its genesis in the days after World War II to its conclusion with the fall of Saigon

Stream: The Forgotten War: Korean War Veterans Remembered  /  23 min.
Overshadowed by the wars that came before and after it, the Korean War has received little of the attention it rightly deserves, yet its legacy endures: armies still face each other across the demilitarized zone—and nuclear saber-rattling, this time coming from North Korea, is still a factor. In this ABC News program, correspondent Phil Ittner embeds himself with a group of veterans making a pilgrimage to Korea for the first time since they saw action there more than 50 years ago.

Stream: From D-Day to the Rhine  /  87 min.
This program with Bill Moyers chronicles the return of World War II veterans to the battlefields of their youth.

Stream: Vietnam: Homecoming  /  45 min.
In June 2005, Branson, Missouri, held Operation Homecoming, a week-long celebration to provide Vietnam veterans with the welcome home they never received.



Stream: Desperate Crossing: Untold Story of the Mayflower  /  135 min.
From Scrooby to Leiden to Plymouth, this program tracks the incredible voyage that landed an unlikely band of pioneers on the inhospitable shores of what would come to be known as New England. The hardships of the ocean crossing, the fortuitous assistance of Squanto and Samoset, the first Thanksgiving feast, and the history of the colony in later years are chronicled.

Home for the Holidays: The History of Thanksgiving – DV-Disc GT 4975 H64 2002  /  2002  50 min.  color  Languages: English
This program provides an overview of the history of the celebration of Thanksgiving Day as an American tradition.

Pieces of April – DV-Disc PN 1997 P49796 2004  /  2003  80 min.  color  Languages: English, French  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Family outcast April lives in a beat-up apartment in New York's Lower East Side with her boyfriend, Bobby. In order to spend some time with her dying mother, April invites her conservative suburban family to her place for a Thanksgiving feast. While she frantically tries to complete the meal, the family drives in from Pennsylvania sharing less-than-pleasant opinions about April's lifestyle. Her dad tries to think positively, while sister Beth flaunts her good-girl status and brother Timmy captures it all on film.

What's Cooking – DV-Disc PN 1997 W4912 2002  /  2000  109 min.  color  Languages: English  Subtitles: English
What happens when families come together for Thanksgiving? Almost anything! Tale of four very different families, as they cook up some tasty holiday surprises: love betrayal and even a few outrageous secrets! And, ultimately, discover the astonishing power love has to reconnect us all.



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