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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1735, 1130, 1150, and 1160, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
8:30am–12:40pmSimon BlundellFA 3400 : Digital Visual Effects
1009 PC Classroom
10:00am–12:00pmKrausSci-Val Training (Post Docs)
3:00pm–7:00pmRizwan MohammedLOLSA
1120 MAC Classroom
8:30am–9:30amDavid CottleFA 3300
1140 Lecture Classroom
1:00pm–2:00pmlarsenMarriott Library Deselection Task Force Meeting
3:00pm–4:30pmGarret ClementFamily Economics FCS 3450
1160 PC Classroom
9:30am–10:30amHarper, MLEAP 1100-004
10:40am–11:40amHarper, MLEAP 1100-005
1170 Lecture Classroom
10:30am–12:00pmAdriana ParkerSymposium
1:00pm–4:00pmAdriana ParkerSymposium
1701H Gould Auditorium
7:00am–5:00pmAdriana Parker/Anne Morro...Symposium
1705 Digital Scholarship Lab East
10:30am–1:30pmAdriana Parker/Anne MowerSymposium
3:00pm–4:30pmDenise ClarkNITRO Grants Team
1705 Digital Scholarship Lab West
10:30am–1:30pmAdriana Parker/Anne MowerSymposium
3:00pm–4:30pmDenise ClarkNITRO Grants Team
1705A MAC Lab
10:30am–1:30pmAdriana Parker/Anne MowerSymposium
1735 PC Classroom
9:30am–10:30amWoodLEAP 2004-004
1745 MAC Classroom
8:30am–11:40amKyle ChittendenEAE 3600-003 3D Modeling
11:50am–2:50pmKyle ChittendenEAE 3600-001 3D Modeling
3:00pm–6:10pmSpencer GrantEAE 3600-002 3D Modeling
1750B Study Room
10:00am–12:00pmErin EkstromCCI SG
12:00pm–2:00pmErin EkstromCCI SG
2:00pm–3:00pmErin EkstromCCI SG
1750C Study Room
8:30am–10:30amRyan P. SteeleStudy Time 
10:30am–12:30pmisstudy group
12:30pm–2:30pmHarvey DamCHIN 3020, 3150 TA
1750D Study Room
10:00am–12:00pmMichelle TamplinESL tutor
2008 Dumke Lecture Classroom
2101 Dumke Study Room
9:00am–11:00amKeita OmiCLAC Japanese TA
11:00am–12:00pmLoveFiber group project
12:00pm–1:00pmMarnie Powers-TorreyBook Arts Graduate Sessions-- FACULTY
4:30pm–5:30pmDr. S. VeeraghantaLEAP 1500 Team-3
2103 Study Room
9:40am–11:40amDr. RoemerSaving the World's Food Supply ME Senior Design Te...
12:00pm–2:00pmRobert HitchcockBiodesign Team Meeting
3:00pm–5:00pmSeetha VerghantaLEAP 1501 Team 2
5:00pm–7:00pmChenchenGroup meeting japan
2105 Study Room
10:30am–12:00pmZhihong LiZhihong Li
1:30pm–3:30pmHeidi BreeMarriott Library Video Shoot
4:00pm–6:00pmAdam BrandtASUU Meeting
2130N Hoopes Seminar Room
9:30am–11:30amGreen-RogersTheatre Studies Faculty Writing Seminar
1:40pm–3:40pmJohnsonMath Study Group
5220 Staff Training Lab
10:00am–12:00pmMelanie hawksGrant Training


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