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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1130, and 1150, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
9:40am–11:40amBrian PatrickFILM 3945-004 AVID
1:20pm–2:50pmChristie TothWRTG 3870: Writing as a Social Practice
6:00pm–10:00pmJaimee ChristensenArt 4625-1 : Motion Graphics
1009 PC Classroom
11:00am–12:00pmAmanda HurtadoNew Template Training
2:00pm–3:30pmDemi HarterGame Craft
6:00pm–9:00pmNathan LindseyEAE 6210-001 Game Arts II
1110 MAC Classroom
12:50pm–3:00pmShen Intro to Animation
6:00pm–9:00pmTony SamsHumanities in Focus
1120 MAC Classroom
8:30am–9:30amDavid CottleFA 3300
9:40am–10:40amDavid Cottle1340
10:40am–11:40amMicheal David CottleMUSC 3252
1:20pm–2:50pmDarby FanningEDPS 2600-002 (Tina Soma)
3:00pm–4:20pmMatt StokerCS 4962-001 Mobile Apps
4:30pm–5:50pmMatt StokerCS 4962-002 Mobile Apps
6:30pm–10:00pmCoppersmithFilm 3720 Game Development
1140 Lecture Classroom
1:00pm–5:00pm? Cheryll BrogArt 4665-1 : Identity System & Brand
1160 PC Classroom
4:00pm–7:30pmLinda RalstonPRT 5610/6610 International Tourism
1170 Lecture Classroom
9:40am–12:40pmCarol SogardArt 3640-1 : Design Process
2:00pm–5:00pmHolly JohnsonArt 3640-2 : Design Process
1735 PC Classroom
8:30am–9:30amOwnby, C. P.LEAP 2004-002
9:30am–10:30amOwnby, C. P.LEAP 1100-002
1745 MAC Classroom
12:50pm–2:50pmN/AFA 3700-1 : Multimedia Graphics
3:00pm–4:20pmN/AArt 2060-1 : NM Digital Photography
4:30pm–5:50pmN/AArt 2060-2 : NM Digital Photography
6:00pm–7:20pmN/AArt 2060-3 : NM Digital Photography
7:30pm–8:50pmN/AArt 2060-4 : NM Digital Photography
1750B Study Room
3:00pm–5:00pmElise BukiMath 1050 TA
1750C Study Room
1:00pm–3:00pmHarvey DamCHIN 3020, 3150 TA
1750D Study Room
10:30am–12:30pmcameroncolloquium meeting
2:00pm–3:00pmMowdood/ YalamarthiJob interview 
8:10pm–10:10pmKathleen McDonaldStudy Group
2008 Dumke Lecture Classroom
1:00pm–5:00pmTrujiloChemical Engineering
2101 Dumke Study Room
9:30am–11:30amKona EldredgeKOREA 2020
1:10pm–3:10pmShelley NicholsonPre med Conference Committee Meeting
3:30pm–4:30pmDr. Kent UdellME3650 Lab Office Hours TA
4:30pm–6:30pmBrisa ZavalaStudy Session
2103 Study Room
9:00am–11:00amNAMCAT Review Session
11:30am–1:00pmNAMCAT Review Session PT 2
1:20pm–2:50pmElizabeth ArchuletaETHNC 3990: Pacific Island Literature
4:00pm–5:00pmTamara SanchezKappa Delta Chi Meeting 
6:00pm–8:00pmTom EldtredgeAudit Case
2105 Study Room
12:00pm–1:30pmVictor GillProject planning 
4:00pm–6:00pmChamblessPolicy Solutions Challenge Team- FACULTY
6:30pm–8:30pmchenCFA study
2130N Hoopes Seminar Room
6:00pm–10:00pmJustin Spangler 801-696-6...ASUU Tutoring
5220 Staff Training Lab
3:00pm–4:00pmRutledgeALMA, WhentoWork, and Desk Rearrangement drop in s...
Bloomberg Professional Workstation
1:30pm–2:00pmdan PoulsenDan Poulsen reservation


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