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Submit a Reserve Request

It's not too late! Use our online form to submit a reserve request at any point during the semester. You will receive a confirmation email that we received the request. Requests are processed in the order received, so submit it as soon as possible to ensure materials are available to your students.

Reserve Collection

Course Reserve books are now in the Level 3 Student Living Room in an Open Reserve collection. The Open Reserve collection is monitored by Reserve staff located in the Collection Services offices adjacent to the collection (Room 3200).

An Open Reserve model allows students to use course materials more freely and aids in discovery of related materials on the Open Reserve shelves. Rather than holding course materials behind a desk or in a locked area (a closed reserve model), students can browse freely in the Open Reserve collection. Items can either be used within the library or checked out for overnight use.

To accommodate the new usage of our collection of course materials, the Reserve staff is working hard to purchase additional copies, update reading lists, and ensure materials are available to the most students possible.

Feedback on Open Reserves? Please let us know!

Open Reserve allows for three loan options:

  • Non-circulating: For heaviest use items to create availability within the library. These items do not check out and do not leave the library. Students are free to use them anywhere in the building.
  • 24 hours: General use loan period for textbooks, reference materials, DVDs, etc. This option allows students to take materials home overnight, maximizing access and opportunity for study.
  • 3 days: For items intended to be read thoroughly or used longer such as novels. A 3 day loan period is encouraged for items such as supplementary materials, optional readings, and low use items.

The free book scanners are now located next to the Open Reserve collection to facilitate scanning what your students need for their own personal use. They can e-mail the file to themselves or save the file on USB.

E-Reserves: Electronic Reserve readings continue to be facilitated by the Reserve staff through our online form.

Consultations: If you would like to meet with the Reserve team to discuss how Open Reserves can best serve your class needs, please contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation.


Course Reserve Policies

Personal copies: We no longer accept personal copies for the Open Reserve collection. The Reserve staff will purchase any items previously available as personal copies to ensure our Open Reserve collection contains all needed materials. If you have materials you wish to be made available to your students through Reserve, you may donate them to the library for Reserve. At the end of the reserve period, the items will remain the property of the Marriott Library and may be circulated or sold.

Processing: Submit requests to Reserve at least six weeks in advance of the semester to ensure that the material will be available to your students on the first day of classes. Content cannot be removed in order to post additional content from the same source. Class textbooks will be purchased for Reserve at your request. Media (DVD, VHS, CD) can be placed on Reserve.

Copyright: In Accordance with University of Utah Policy 7-013 "Copying of Copyrighted Works," reserve requests must be made through the library's online form. The online form will provide fair use questions which must be answered for book chapters and works the library does not own a copy of. Faculty must resubmit fair use evaluations annually. Electronic Reserve scanning requests must include the citation and copyright information. Items of unknown origin cannot be scanned for electronic reserve.

Streaming media: Streaming media requests must be completed through Suggest a Purchase. Contact Joni Clayton with questions or concerns.


Additional Information

  • Course Reserve lists are updated every 24 hours.
  • At the end of each semester, all materials will be removed from Reserve.
  • Student papers require written authorization from the student in order to be posted on e-Reserve.
 Last Modified 1/10/19