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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1735, 1130, 1150, and 1160, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
8:00am–10:00amShane WallaceWRTG 2010
2:00pm–4:00pmCheryll A BrogFA 3700 001 Multimedia Graphics
4:00pm–6:00pmMax SeawrightNAHTL 2010
6:00pm–8:00pmGlenda StaplesBALLE1600
1009 PC Classroom
1:20pm–2:50pmPaul KetzleHONOR 2211 001 
6:00pm–9:00pmEAE 3680
1110 MAC Classroom
9:40am–10:30amDr. Nora WoodHealth science LEAP fall 1100-01
1:20pm–2:50pmMichelle BrooksATMOS 5020-001
3:00pm–5:00pmSean CarterDance 6430 
1120 MAC Classroom
8:00am–9:30amCheryll Br?gFA 2000 001 Computers and the Arts
3:00pm–4:20pmMatt StokerCS 4530-001 
4:30pm–6:00pmMatt StokerCS 4530-002 
7:10pm–8:50pmSean J. CarterDANC 3961/6961 - Advanced Sound Design
1140 Lecture Classroom
9:40am–12:40pmHallie HuberEAE 4900-004
4:30pm–8:40pmCheryll Br?gART 4675 001 Packaging Design
1170 Lecture Classroom
8:00am–9:30amSean CarterBALLE 4411 Dance History 1
9:40am–12:40pmBECKER, HenryART 3650 001 3rd Yr Graphic Problems
12:50pm–1:50pmSean CarterBALLE 4940/4960
2:00pm–5:00pmBECKER, HenryART 3650 002 3rd Yr Graphic Problems
6:00pm–9:00pmAndrea L MillerPROEA  855  Instructional Design Fundamentals 
1701 West Entrance
10:30am–1:30pmMinami MaggardChinese Culture Week - Major day
1705 Meeting Space
11:00am–1:30pmPatrick TripenyTransforming Classrooms Into Inclusive Communities...
1705X Audio Studio
4:00pm–7:00pmRobert NelsonASUU Music production
1745 MAC Classroom
9:40am–11:40amCheryll Br?gFA 3000 001 Intro to Web Design
11:50am–1:10pmDr. Baucom/Nancy Seegmill...PSY 6500
1:20pm–2:50pmCheryll Br?gART 2060 001 NM Digital Photography
3:00pm–4:20pmCheryll Br?gART 2060 002 NM Digital Photography
4:30pm–6:00pmCheryll Br?gART 2060 003 NM Digital Photography
6:00pm–7:20pmCheryll Br?gART 2060 004 NM Digital Photography
1750B Study Room
9:00am–11:00amHalstromEnglish Study
12:00pm–1:50pmHugoStudy group
2:00pm–3:00pmAJ DimickCrimson Gaming Breakout
5:00pm–6:00pmAJ DimickCrimson Gaming Breakout
1750C Study Room
10:40am–12:40pmYingzi WangGroup Project
1:00pm–2:30pmNAInterview Presentation
2:50pm–4:40pmNaidustudy group
1750D Study Room
8:30am–10:30amAndrea ashStudy 
2:20pm–4:20pmKieber-EmmonsChem 1220 Study Group
4:30pm–6:00pmMichael LewisACCTG Group Project
2103 Study Room
9:00am–11:00amLeticia AlvarezWriting Project
11:00am–1:00pmCynthia BenallyWriting project
1:00pm–2:00pmVeronica Valdezwriting project
2:00pm–4:00pmHyesun KimKOREA 1010
4:00pm–6:00pmRoger KellyPractice for EAE dry run pitches
6:00pm–8:00pmMcKenna ChistensenMckenna Christsen
2105 Study Room
9:30am–11:00amKona ElderdgeKorean2010
11:00am–1:00pmCostaStudy Session
1:00pm–2:30pmNAInterview Presentation
3:00pm–4:20pmKent ThaiCS 1410
2130N Hoopes Room
9:00am–11:00amHokulani AikauWriting Group
3:00pm–5:00pmHelen Harbold Murray (Ale...THEA 3110-001
6:00pm–10:00pmASUU Tutoring
2500 Digital Matters Open Area
9:30am–11:00amTony SamsAdobe Spark Workshop: With Matt Basso
2500B One Button Studio
12:00pm–1:00pmNoneASUU Finance Board
3000 East Entrance
11:00am–1:00pmJordan HanzonU of U Counseling
Bloomberg Professional Workstation
10:00am–11:00amXiao ZhongResearch 
2:00pm–3:00pmOrly AlterResearch
3:00pm–4:00pmOrly AlterResearch
Level 3 North Gallery
7:00am–11:50pmLuise PoultonPioneers of Science
Level 3 South Gallery
7:00am–11:50pmLuise PoultonPioneers of Science


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