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Today's Room Schedule

Excludes rooms 1715, 1725, 1735, 1130, 1150, and 1160, which are scheduled by University Scheduling.

Time Instructor Class
1008 MAC Classroom
9:50am–11:50amRochelle TrujilloAnatomy Study
12:20pm–3:20pmCheryll BrogART 2206-004
4:30pm–8:40pmCheryll BrogART 3630-001
1009 PC Classroom
9:10am–10:30amDr. Nora WhiteHealth Professions LEAP
10:40am–12:10pmDr. Nora WoodHealth Professions LEAP
2:00pm–5:00pmSteven Lederman/ Hallie H...EAE 3600 Sec 001
5:00pm–8:00pmTrent SmithARCH 2632
1110 MAC Classroom
9:10am–12:10pmCheryll BrogART 2201-003
12:20pm–3:20pmART 2201-004
7:20pm–9:30pmCarolyn OwnbeeMia Kowalczyk
1120 MAC Classroom
9:10am–10:30amMartin NovakFA 2000-002
11:00am–12:00pmAlhan SamimiKINES 3091 - TA
2:00pm–3:20pmLewis CrawfordFA 3600-001 
6:00pm–9:00pmSteven Lederman / Hallie ...EAE 3600 Sec 002
1140 Lecture Classroom
10:40am–12:10pmJoshua LenartCVEEN 3100
2:00pm–3:20pmBob NelsonTHEA 4330/35  Dramaturgy
1170 Lecture Classroom
9:10am–10:30amMeg HarperScience in Society LEAP
10:40am–12:10pmTim SolverTHEA 2420  Intro to Playwriting
12:10pm–2:00pmchris jensenwriting work shop
2:00pm–3:20pmRebecca LarsenLEAP 1501-009
3:40pm–5:00pmLiz PetleyTHEA 1713 - Script Analysis
1701H Gould Auditorium
11:00am–1:00pmStephanie BegayeMajor Open House
1705 Meeting Space
10:30am–1:30pmHannah MillsStudent Course Feedback Committee Meeting
5:30pm–6:20pmBritta TreppPEAK Employee Fitness Class - Yoga
1705B Video Studio
12:00pm–3:00pmAnthony SamsStudio 200
1738D Study Room
11:20am–1:00pmNels NicholsClinical Management
1:00pm–3:00pmKobi A BakerTriangle Meeting
3:20pm–5:20pmvenkatrajstudy group
8:00pm–10:00pmArwen fullerTa hours (test review)  
1745 MAC Classroom
9:10am–10:30amCheryll BrogART 2060-005
10:40am–12:10pmCheryll BrogART 2060-006
12:30pm–1:50pmFlor OlivoHonor 2211-010
2:00pm–3:20pmMichelle BrooksATMOS 5020-001
3:40pm–5:00pmCheryll BrogART 2060-009
6:00pm–9:00pmTravis TreadwayTA session
1750A Study Room
12:10pm–2:00pmRedmondlang Sci Group
2:00pm–4:00pmcameron WalkerCalc 2010 
4:00pm–5:00pmNannettePro Project
5:00pm–7:00pmIke AlderBusiness Scholars Study Group
7:00pm–9:00pmJoshua ShiehStudy fellowship
1750B Study Room
9:30am–11:30amNoneStudy Session
12:00pm–2:00pmSamuel WarrenOffice hours
2:00pm–2:30pmTruongChem Study
2:30pm–3:30pmMadison HansenStudy group
3:30pm–5:00pmJeanine StefanucciPSY 3171 Human Factors Project 
5:00pm–7:00pmNannette LarsenPro Project
7:00pm–9:00pmBrad SmithStudy group
1750C Study Room
11:00am–1:00pmMr. CahillStudy Group
1:00pm–1:30pmTruongChem Study
1:30pm–3:00pmRay ParkerSelf Study
8:20pm–10:20pmMark NStudy Session
1750D Study Room
9:00am–11:00amtreimanGRE Study
12:00pm–1:00pmAmanda MayMarker Meeting
1:00pm–1:50pmBonita AustinGoff Project Research
1:50pm–3:50pmNAStudy Group
4:00pm–6:00pmJoshua UlrichMath Tutor
7:00pm–9:00pmGrayson Hullpsych study
2008 Dumke Lecture Classroom
9:10am–1:00pmCheryll BrogART 3680-001
2:00pm–3:20pmBen SandbergDANC 3261
3:30pm–7:30pmamanpreet AtwalBiology
2101 Dumke Study Room
9:00am–11:00amPerla4200 Study 
11:40am–1:40pmKoppStudy group 
1:50pm–3:10pmChurchZine Project Session
3:10pm–5:00pmRobert TulleyGet After It
5:00pm–6:00pmJake SorensonArts Desk Meeting
6:30pm–8:30pmMoyer-HornerStudy Group
9:30pm–11:30pmCarolyn OwnbyLeap Presi Practice
2103 Study Room
12:20pm–12:40pmTruongChem Study
12:40pm–1:30pmswensenArts Project
1:30pm–2:00pmTruongChem Study
2:00pm–4:00pmKona EldredgeKorean 2010 Tutoring Session
4:00pm–6:00pmDr. JEducation plan
6:00pm–8:00pmWIlsonBusiness Scholars Group 7
9:00pm–11:00pmKellyThermo Study Group
2105 Study Room
8:20am–10:20amSeawrightKichwa 1010
10:20am–12:20pmZach PersheyKappa Sigma Study Hall
12:20pm–2:20pmSanil KhatriKappa Sigma Study Hours
2:30pm–4:30pmKona EldredgeKOR 1010- TA session
6:00pm–8:00pmTom MillarFolsom trail group project 
10:00pm–11:50pmUriel MoralesMCAT Study
2130N Hoopes Room
2:00pm–3:00pmEric AllenMATH 1010 Tutoring
3:30pm–4:30pmGrace MasonCampus Contraceptive Initiative
5:40pm–10:00pmASUU Tutoring
2500 Digital Matters Open Area
11:00am–2:00pmJustin SorensenGIS and Media Production Workshops
2500B One Button Studio
8:30am–9:00amNathan A VaughnAudition
9:00am–10:00amNovakART 2010
10:00am–11:00amJerry BuieSocial Work Students
11:00am–12:00pmJerry BuieSocial Work Students
12:00pm–1:00pmNovakArt 2010
3:10pm–4:10pmDr Lee RabyUtah Adoption Survey -Dr Lee Raby
6:00pm–7:00pmBethany Joy BurrJagamba Film Recording
3000 East Entrance
11:00am–1:00pmJordan HanzonDe-stress students and promote students with thera...
3300A Study Room
8:30am–10:30amDrewStudy group
11:50am–1:50pmKhalid Al AbriKhalid Al Abri
1:50pm–3:00pmHussein Al-ZakwaniHussein Al-Zakwani
3:00pm–5:00pmPengACCTG Study Group
5:00pm–7:00pmCarly StachwickStudy group
7:40pm–9:40pmMcKelleHuman Phys Study Group
3300B Study Room
12:00pm–2:00pmColetteMath Study group
3:00pm–5:00pmPratiti TagoreCMP 4010 meeting
5:00pm–5:40pmBrittney HarrisResearch Proposal Meetings
5:40pm–7:40pmJason BlumStudy group
3300C Study Room
12:30pm–2:30pmGillENTP Room
3:00pm–5:00pmBelindaKappa Delta Chi
5:00pm–7:00pmJaelynn OhExam Prep
3300D Study Room
1:20pm–2:30pmMelody KrahulecNursing Clinical Mang 
2:30pm–4:30pmPeter AlfeldMath Study Group
8:30pm–10:30pmLucas Moyer-HornerBiology study group
5220 Staff Training Lab
7:00am–6:00pmIan GodfreyFacilities Upgrade
Bloomberg Professional Workstation
4:10pm–5:10pmARNOLD GATOROCalc2 Study
MAC Laptop Cart (24)
9:10am–10:30amMeg HarperScience in Society LEAP
2:00pm–3:20pmBen Sandberg DANC 3261


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