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2016 Funded Research Honorees

The Celebrate U Task Force congratulates the top faculty research award and grant recipients from each college in 2016!

[Bold indicates University of Utah faculty]


Elena AsparohovaElena Asparouhova (David Eccles School of Business). Experimental Validation of the Theory of Asset Pricing

Olga BakerOlga Baker (School of Dentistry). The Use of Fibrin Hydrogels to improve saliary gland regeneration and Resolution of Cytokine-Mediated Salivary Gland Inflammation

Sihem BoudinaSihem Boudina (College of Health). Regulation of fat expansion and energy expenditure in humans and animals

Brenda BowenBrenda Bowen (College of Mines and Earth Sciences). Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Sustainability

Divya ChandrasekharDivya Chandrasekhar (College of Architecture + Planning). Impact Assessment of the Federal Natural and Cultural Resources (NCR) Recovery Support Function (RSF)

Sydney Cheek OdonnellSydney Cheek-O'Donnell (College of Fine Arts). Participation in two major external grants

Jorge ContrerasJorge Contreras (College of Law). Substantial work relating to the intersection of intellectual property, antitrust law, technology standardization and scientific discovery

Robin CraigRobin Kundis Craig (College of Law). Significant published contributions to environmental law, and particularly ocean and coastal resilience in the face of climate change

Nadja DurbachNadja Durbach (College of Humanities). Many Mouths: State Feeding in Britain from the Workhouse to the Welfare State

Lee EllingtonLee Ellington (College of Nursing). Top Researcher Honoree

Annette FleckensteinAnnette Fleckenstein (School of Dentistry). The Impact of Psychostimulants of Abuse such as Methamphetamine and the Synthetic Cathinones on Monoaminergic Neuronal Function

Julie FritzJulie Fritz (College of Health). Received a $1.1 million dollar grant from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health for a project entitled "Optimization of Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) Protocols"

Eric GarlandEric Garland (College of Social Work). Targeting Hedonic Dysregulation to Address Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse in Primary Care - grant from NIDA and Targeting Chronic Pain and Co-Occurring Disorders in the Community with Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement - grant from DOD and Effects of Mindfulness-Oriented Intervention on Endogenous Opioid Mechanisms of Hedonic Regulation in Chronic Pain - grant from NCCIH

Eric HandmanEric Handman (College of Fine Arts). Campus Incentive Seed Grant

Paul HuPaul Hu (David Eccles School of Business). Top Researcher Honoree

Kelly HughesKelly Hughes (College of Science). Genetic approaches to complex biological processes in bacteria

Christy Jarvis (Eccles Health Sciences Library). Evaluating the Use of Library Resources Through Faculty Author Citation Analysis

Mike KirbyRobert "Mike" Kirby (College of Engineering). Uncertainty Quantification "In the Wild"

John Kirchner (College of Medicine). EyeDirect

John LinJohn Lin (College of Mines and Earth Sciences). Top Researcher Honoree

Shelly MinteerShelley Minteer (College of Engineering). Bioelectrosynthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and hydrogen

Jeremy MynntiJeremy Myntti (Marriott Library). Grant: Linking People

Anna NeatrourAnna Neatrour (Marriott Library). Grant: Linking People

Melissa RethlefsenMelissa Rethlefsen (Eccles Health Sciences Library). Systematic Review Methodology and Reporting

Erin RothwellErin Rothwell (College of Nursing). Improved Prenatal Genetic Screening Decision Making through Interactive Technology

Summer RupperSummer Rupper (College of Social and Behavioral Science). Grant Funding Awarded in 2016: High Mountain Asia glacier and Antarctic ice sheet mass balance changes over the modern era: impacts on water resources and sea level rise

Matthew SigmanMatthew Sigman (College of Science). Top Researcher Honoree

Ryan SmithRyan Smith (College of Architecture + Planning). Optimizing Prefabrication in the Construction Industry

David StrayerDavid Strayer (College of Social and Behavioral Science). Grant Funding Awarded in 2016 (AAA Foundation for Traffic Fafety "The Establishment of a Comprehensive Program to Evaluate Cognitive, Visual, and Manual Workload in New Vehicles", $3,864,000)

Melanie Rae ThonMelanie Rae Thon (College of Humanities). Impossible Translations, a novel in three acts

Barbara WirostkoBarbara Wirostko (School of Medicine). Jade Therapeutics, Inc

Barbara WirostkoJoanne Yaffe (College of Social Work). Grant from the Laura & John Arnold Foundation; Conducting interdisciplinary (social work, law, psychology, statistics) research on understanding and improving effectiveness of eyewitness identification procedure


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