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The Stormy Mountain Boys

The Stormy Mountain Boys originally formed in 1963. The band's founding members (Brent Bradford and Hal Cannon) fell in love with the sound of traditional bluegrass music after hearing recordings from the eastern United States collected by the Smithsonian Institution. The Stormy Mountain Boys learned their instrumental techniques by listening for hours to recordings, as there were no written instruction materials available at that time. The band has always been heavily influenced by Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers, as those were the records available in the Woolworth's 99-cent record sale bin, the main source of material for the band at that time.

TheStormy Mountain Boys today feature a traditional bluegrass sound with tight three- and four-part vocal harmonies and driving instrumental arrangements. Their bluegrass gospel singing, featured in every performance, has become a favorite of fans wherever they perform. March 2007 marks the 44th year in bluegrass music for the Stormy Mountain Boys. Its members are Brent Bradford (mandolin, vocals), Cary Howard (guitar, vocals), Ryan Orr (dobra, vocals), Tim Morrison (bass, vocals), and Art Hansen (banjo, vocals). Three of these musicians (Brent, Cary, and Art) have been with the band since the 1960s.

Today the band can be seen at bluegrass festivals, fairs and concerts throughout the Intermountain West. The Stormy Mountain Boys are committed to keeping the traditional sound of Bluegrass music alive in the West. Members of the band thank their families for their support and thank the fans who attend their shows and buy their recordings. Above all, thanks to a Heavenly father that gave us the talent to do what it is that we do.


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