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Thesis and Dissertation Locations for Science and Engineering

The Marriott Library holds archival copies of most masters theses and doctoral dissertations completed at the University of Utah. These copies are available for in-house use in the Special Collections reading room. We also have circulating copies of many University of Utah theses and dissertations, housed in the Automated Retrieval Center (ARC). Because the ARC is a robotic storage facility it isn't possible to browse the shelves the way you can in the regular library stacks. It is possible, though, to browse by computer using call numbers.
The list below gives the call numbers used for theses and dissertations related to topics in Science & Engineering . They are arranged by broad subject area (and not by the department in which the thesis was done). Within each subject area they are arranged chronologically by the year the thesis was submitted and within each year they are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. For example: QD3.5 2002 .G65 is the call number for a dissertation whose general subject area is chemistry, submitted in 2002 (in this case to the Department of Physics, not Chemistry) and written by an author whose last name is Gontia.

All University of Utah doctoral dissertations submitted since 1997 (and selected dissertations going back as far as 1956) are available online through ProQuest Dissertations and Theses – Full Text.

The Marriott Library's online catalog is the best source to consult when you are searching for a specific book or want a complete subject search of our collections.
  • The list below is meant as a guide to aid in browsing for theses and dissertations in Science & Engineering disciplines.
  • Additional assistance is available at the Science & Engineering Reference Desk
SUBJECT Call Number
Agriculture General
S 407.5
Plant Culture and Horticulture
SB 43.5
SD 123.5
Anatomy (Human)
QM 5.5
Animal Culture
SF 16.5
Aquaculture, Fisheries, Angling
SH 19.5
QB 3.5
QH 9.7
Books in General; Writing, Paleography; Book Industries and Trade
Z 4.5
QK 3.5
QD 3.5
Engineering Civil (General)
TA 7.5
Bridge Engineering
TG 7.5
Building Construction
TH 7.5
Chemical Technology
TP 7.5
Electrical Engineering; Electronics; Nuclear Engineering
TK 7.5
Environmental Technology, Sanitary Engineering
TD 7.5
Highway Engineering, Roads and Pavements
TE 7.5
Hydraulic Engineering
TC 7.5
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery
TJ 7.5
Mining Engineering, Metallurgy
TN 7.5
Motor Vehicles; Aeronautics; Astronautics
TL 8.5
Railroad Engineering and Operation
TF 7.5
QE 3.5
Handicrafts, Arts and Crafts
TT 7.5
Home Economics
TX 8.5
Hunting Sports
SK 9.5
Libraries and Library Science
Z 662.5
TS 7.5
QA 3.5
Medicine General
R 117.5
Botanic, Thomsonian and Eclectic Medicine
RV 33.5
RK 4.5
RL 37.5
Gynecology and Obstetrics
RG 41.5
RX 33.5
Internal Medicine
RC 39.5
RT 2.5
RE 16.5
Other Systems of Medicine (Chiropractic, Osteopathy, etc.)
RZ 200.5
RF 21.5
RB 6.5
RJ 25.5
RM 31.5
Pharmacy and Materia Medica
RS 43.5
Public Aspects of Medicine
RA 4.5
RD 14.5
RM 31.5
QR 6.5
Military science General
U 17.5
Armies: Organization, Distribution, Military Situation
UA 9.5
UF 7.5
Cavalry, Armor
UE 7.5
UD 7.5
Maintenance and Transportation
UC 9.5
Military Administration
UB 14.5
Military Engineering; Air Forces, Air Warfare; Military Warfare; Space Surveillance
UG 7.5
Other Military Services
UH 19.5
Natural history
QH 9.7
Naval science General
V 17.5
VE 7.5
Minor Services of Navies
VG 19.5
Naval Administration
VB 14.5
Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding, Marine Engineering
VM 7.5
Naval Maintenance
VC 9.5
Naval Ordnance
VF 7.5
Naval Seamen
VD 7.5
Navies: Organization, Distribution, Naval Situation
VA 9.5
Navigation; Merchant Marine
VK 11.5
TR 7.5
QC 3.5
QP 6.5
Science General
Q 9.5
Technology General
T 7.5
QL 3.5
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